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About Us.

MossRose Design provides services in Custom Design Stands, Interior Architectural Design Event Design and Kiosk Design and Applications with its expert architectural design team and experienced production and installation crew in order to to meet the expectations of individuals, institutions and brands working together in Turkey and abroad, to ensure customer satisfaction and to transfer the identities created specifically for the brands to potential customers in the most accurate way possible.
MossRose Design started to its path with its principle of creating unique designs each time by combining experiences with innovations. MossRose Design is located in the global market as well as in the domestic market with successful projects: Until today, in addition to Turkey, it has participated in various projects and organizations took place in Germany, Italy, France, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates with its with brands and customers.

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Our Vision

As MOSSROSE Design, our vision is, to provide quality-oriented design consulting services for domestic and external customers in accommodation, corporate, residential and retail and various other markets in domestic and international locations. Our vision is to create an unforgettable brand experience while increasing the quality of life for our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers to optimize their personal and organizational concepts or branding and to provide customized solutions which will suit every situation. To do this we use the basic principles of concept planning and work with our expert team to give the best result for each project. In order to reach perfection in our designs and to offer the most suitable projects and solutions to our customers, we are committed to having the most appropriate knowledge and experience by closely following up to date information and developments as well as traditional knowledge and techniques. Being the best in quality, in service, in human relationships and to bring together our experience and innovation, to provide original designs and the best service in the fields we are active in are our basic principles.

Our Values

• High quality • Innovative solutions • Excellent designs • Contemporary and creative concepts • Responsibility • Commitment • Reliability • Always looking for the best solution • Respect for nature, for life and for humanity We are proud of our achievements in the business world and in society, which we have been able to achieve by following these values in the past years, and we are excited about the great things we will do in the future.



We're designing the icons for the new age.

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