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MossRose Mimarlık.

MossRose Design provides services in Custom Design Stands, Interior Architectural Design Event Design and Kiosk Design and Applications with its expert architectural design team and experienced production and installation crew in order to to meet the expectations of individuals, institutions and brands working together in Turkey and abroad, to ensure customer satisfaction and to transfer the identities created specifically for the brands to potential customers in the most accurate way possible.
MossRose Design started to its path with its principle of creating unique designs each time by combining experiences with innovations. MossRose Design is located in the global market as well as in the domestic market with successful projects: Until today, in addition to Turkey, it has participated in various projects and organizations took place in Germany, Italy, France, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates with its with brands and customers.

Our Services

Custom Design Stands

Stands suitable for your budget and top quality service guarantee. • Designs • Production • Installation and Dismantling MOSSROSE Design, offers a complete solution and service for fairs, conferences, exhibitions, promotions and other organizations in Turkey and anywhere in the world with its professional service understanding. Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Dubai and the UAE are the places we offer all these services. We present you the best and useful stand designs and applications you will need in fair organizations. With our professional team of architects and engineers we carry out unique stand design and projects. Our team is experienced in production and application in time. Our custom and modular exhibition stands can be used for a variety of event sizes ranging from large-scale product launches to informative event stands.

Interior Architectural Design

MossRose Design is not just an architectural design company. Each member of our team is committed to transforming your dreams and projects into reality. Our values reflect our commitment to providing you with a superior architectural and interior design experience. Over the years MOSSROSE Design has become synonymous with excellent concept, unique service and unique quality. As a collective team, our designers create both modern and traditional designs with a unique passion and transform any space into a strong expression of the customer's personality. As an interior design company, we prefer a collaborative approach to design which encourages our customers to develop their own style and taste. A modest or a luxurious house, a small business or a resort , MOSSROSE Design can undertake any interior architecture project of any size and on any location and can make a beautiful design transformation for you. With the experience we have in the design industry, our company has close relationships with top quality suppliers, fine craftsmen and the most talented subcontractors. Our Interior Architectural Design philosophy is guided by the following basic principles: • The interiors should be a reflection of the customer's lifestyle and aesthetic goals. • The solutions should be developed in a way that suits the project budget. • For the success of the project, it is necessary to pay attention to every step from conceptual beginning to final installation of the furniture. Our team of experts and project managers ensure that your progeny is appropriate to your goals and budget. Our goal is to meet each customer's specific needs with creative and appropriate design solutions.

Event Design

Nowadays, many companies are hosting events locally in an institutional zone or in another region. There is a need for an expert person or an organization that carries out planning and implementation with careful attention to ensure that such events (whether large or small) are successful. As MOSSROSE DESIGN, we fully understand the importance of planning, timing, coordination and numerous other details related to the events. MOSSROSE Design is a full-service event planning and design company that provides complete planning, consulting and auditing services for both corporate and social events. MOSSROSE Design offers its customers great designs of creativity and originality based on individual tastes and preferences. Whether it's an institutional or social event, MOSSROSE Design combines the themes, design patterns, activity forms and decorations with the ultimate goal of making your design-specific event the most elegant, unique and memorable experience.

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